Being one of the leading international freight forwarders, HT SHIPPING CO., LTD commits to provide the best and diversified ocean freight services. With HT SHIPPING CO., LTD , no destination is out of range.

HT SHIPPING CO., LTD trademark has been widely well-known. With a strong network of international agents, HT SHIPPING CO., LTD oceanfreight services are continuously improved and developed.  HT SHIPPING has been providing oceanfreight services for import and export cargoes from and to Vietnam  to the world

Main services and products:

  •  FCL & LCL for export & import cargoes from Vietnam to worldwide and vice versa.
  •  International multimodal transportation for countries without sea-ports.
  •  De-consolidation service for import cargoes.
  •  Import cargoes services from worldwide to Viet Nam.
  •  Full Container Load (FCL/FCL) services with competitive freight rates and cutting-edge warehouse fee.
  •  Door to door delivery services.
  •  Cargoes insurance brokerage.
  •  Projects and exhibition cargoes services in Viet Nam and overseas.

Value-added services:

  •  Cargoes delivery with EXW or DUU/DDP terms.
  •  Door to door delivery and household removal services.
  •  Documents and sample cargoes through international express delivery services
  •  Cargoes insurance consulting.
  •  Providing Import & Export authorization formality with competitive fee.